Monday, April 13, 2009

UAE's first solo fashion & beauty photography exhibition by an Emirati opens in Dubai

Fatma Abdulla's photography work

UAE’s first solo fashion & beauty photography exhibition by an Emirati opens in Dubai

Career collection of Fatma Abdulla showcases artistry of nationals, reveals rising popularity of fashion & commercial photography

French Fashion University Esmod (FFUE) - Dubai will host the first solo fashion and beauty photography exhibition by an Emirati from April 14 to 23, 2009. The exposition of UAE national Fatma Abdulla’s career works in fashion and commercial photography will highlight the rising popularity of this art form and complement Esmod’s commitment to encouraging local talent especially among Emiratis. Fatma’s unique portfolio of 17 years of hard work in fashion and commercial photography will be on display at the FFUE Gallery in Dubai Academic City.

The activity follows the University’s introduction of new make-up programs into its curriculum. Esmod-Dubai has been expanding its line of fashion and beauty courses to accommodate the varied interests of its students as well as those of the public. Fashion photography has been a very popular and effective tool for promoting the latest fashions, which makes it a perfect theme for Esmod’s highly-anticipated exhibitions.

“Fashion photographs by themselves are already fashion statements, reflecting the creativity and passion of their creators. As an Emirati, Fatma Abdulla shows how UAE nationals are excelling in this craft; we want this exhibition to inspire others to use photography as a means to celebrate the beauty of fashion. At the same time, commercial fashion photography is highly profitable in the Emirates, so we want to promote further growth of this profession as well,” said Tamara Hostal, Founder and Director, French Fashion University Esmod – Dubai.

Best known for her porcelain-look photography, Fatma started practicing photography at the age of 12. After obtaining a diploma in Art Communications, she pursued her passion full time and has been creating photographic works of art for the past 17 years. She launched her own studio brand, “ladydesign”, in 2003. Her impressive client portfolio include Sprinkles Cupcakes, French Fashion University Esmod and Neswa Boutique, among others.

French Fashion University Esmod - Dubai is the UAE campus of Esmod International, the globally acclaimed French Fashion Institution. Esmod – Dubai was inaugurated in Dubai in October 2006 to capitalize on the Middle East’s booming fashion industry and complement growing regional demand for haute couture. The University constantly organizes various exhibitions to showcase the creativity and talent of its students as well as feature the renowned works of Arab and international artists.

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