Thursday, April 09, 2009

Region’s first “Fashion sans fabric” display set to impress Dubai’s fashion scene

BurJuman showcases novel “object costume” designs by Esmod students

BurJuman, one of the region’s most luxurious fashion destinations, will display unique dress designs created by local, GCC and international students from the French Fashion University Esmod (FFUE) from April 9 to 19, 2009. Renowned French fashion designer Alain Germain had supervised the student’s creations over a one week period in Dubai Academic City, where FFUE is located.

The unique collection was recently featured at the FFUE campus under the theme “Object Costume.” The upcoming exhibition at BurJuman will showcase garments and stage costumes integrating tableware and everyday objects such as paper, glasses, plastic cups, ceramic plates, kitchen utensils and even shoes into their designs.

The creative design concept affirms the steady growth of Dubai’s flourishing fashion scene and has received positive response from relevant academic and non-academic bodies in the UAE . Some of the dresses were in fact selected by Zayed University and the French Alliance in Dubai for display in their respective campuses last month.

“Creativity is a vital component of fashion, which is why we constantly challenge our students to come up with ideas and concepts that go against conventional design. We were pleasantly surprised by the creations that resulted from this theme. This exhibition provides an opportunity for us to reward our talented students with public exposure and acclaim while opening up Dubai to the fashion possibilities that Esmod can bring to life,” said Tamara Hostal, Founder & Director, FFUE-Dubai.

“We are always supporting local talent as well as promoting unique and emerging businesses, and this exhibit aims to show both while affirming the dynamism of Dubai’s growing art and fashion scene. Some of the students behind these designs have the potential to become the top fashionistas of the country and even the region, and we are happy to provide them with a platform in BurJuman to spearhead their careers and demonstrate their skills,” concluded Sabina Khandwani, Head of PR & Marketing, BurJuman.


· Corn-leaf dress

· Pineapple dress (right)

· Soda-can dress

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