Thursday, October 31, 2013

These things you don’t need to worry about anymore... your smartphone does it for you!

These things you don’t need to worry about anymore... your smartphone does it for you!

Are you sick and tired of hearing “There’s an app for that?” Well, get used to it. Each day more and more apps are making their way onto our phones and helping make our lives easier. It used to be that one would need a full-time secretary to help us manage our lives. But now with Blackberry, Nokia, Lenovo android and all the other hundreds of brands, a wealth of information is at your fingertips. Here are some ways that our phones make our lives a little (or a lot) easier.

Counting Calories

In the past, if you wanted to lose weight you would have to carry a notebook and count your calories for everything you ate. But now there is a wide variety of apps to help you with your weight loss plan. Some will let you count calories and take into account exercise so you get a clearer picture of what you need. Others will send you health news, let you scan food items to keep track of what you eat, and even make healthier substitutions to keep you on track. There is literally an app for every diet technique out there, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. 

Remembering Appointments

Your phone lets you store your calendar in your phone and lets you update it through other apps, such as Facebook birthdays and appointments negotiated through email. Now you don’t have to carry around a calendar to remember important events.

Finding Your Way Around

Do you get lost easily? Google Maps to the rescue! This free app lets you see your location on a map and will verbally direct you to your destination, just like the GPS in your car. And if you don’t like this one, then there are plenty of other satellite navigation apps out there for you.

Comparison Shopping

Instead of clipping coupons from the newspaper, you can get the discounts sent to your phone and stored for later use at the store. You can also use countless shopping apps to browse your favourite stores and scout the best deals on their products.

Staying in Touch

With smartphones you can stay in touch all the time. Instead of waiting for an email response or hanging out by the phone, you can be in communication almost constantly. Plus, you can access social networking from anywhere.
Getting Active

There are apps that will help you get in shape and stick to a fitness routine, everything from personal trainer apps to social apps for people who like to get out and get some exercise. The newest phones will even respond to your body’s motions so that you don’t have to pause your routine and click the “continue” button.                                          

These are just a few of the ways that smartphones make everything easier. No doubt there will be even more new ways in the near future.

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Author: Gloria Lorenzi is an aspiring journalist who graduated in Italy and is currently living and studying in the United Kingdom. She has a real flair for languages and a great passion for technology, which she tries to combine in her articles.

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