Friday, April 02, 2010

Dubai Taxi launches “Salamtak” tire initiative in coop with Al Dobowi Group

Dubai Taxi launches “Salamtak” tire initiative in coop with Al Dobowi Group

Dubai (United Arab Emirates): The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has teamed up with Al Dobowi Group to launch a week-long Salamtak tire initiative with the aim of stressing the importance of tires to the safety of the vehicle, and the need to consider tires as crucial component of vehicles, and how to maintain them to guard against road risks and surprises.

According to Yousef Al Ali, Director of DTC Fleet Processes and & Operation Dep’t the DTC had coordinated this initiative with Al Dobowi Group in the light of the Agreement made last year for the supply of Korean Hankook Tire brand to the DTC conforming to the GCC standards for a two-year period. The initiative also came in the context of building and boosting relationships between the DTC and private businesses & vendors with whom the DTC is interacting in various fields.
“Drivers have well been briefed on this initiative along with the accompanying rewards announced and budgeted for the distinguished drivers in the form of purchase vouchers of 100 dirham to encourage other drivers maintain and continuously check tires condition and air pressure regularly” said Yousef.

He added: “This initiative aims at heightening the awareness of cabdrivers of the importance of tires and carrying out regular checks considering their significant impact on curbing accidents and frequent problems encountered by taxicabs of the DTC fleet which currently comprises 3504 vehicles operated by more than 7200 drivers on shift basis 24 hours a day”.

Al Ali highlighted the key & vital role of tires in maintaining the safety of vehicle and accordingly the safety of both the driver and passengers. Therefore, it is imperative to select the proper tires and carry out regular checks, as provided for in the contract made with Al Dobowi Group. DTC seeks to provide all elements of tire security & safety in order to achieve the best results and materialize the vision of the RTA and DTC of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All.

“The DTC workshop has been fitted with all the required services, equipment and technicians who carry out regular checks & maintenance of all taxicabs. The technical capacity of the workshop has been upped with the deployment of more personnel to commensurate with the volume of the required jobs to be done on daily or monthly basis including repair, service and cleaning of taxicabs” said the Director of DTC Fleet Processes and & Operation Dep’t.

“The workshop is currently operating at 90% operational efficiency with 145 specialized administrative & technical staff working on shift basis at the workshop; which has 54 bays for servicing vehicles fitted with the latest tools & equipment used for vehicle repairs.

“Coordination is in hand between the workshop and the car washing station, which carries out body washing for about 1500 vehicles and interior washing for 30 vehicles per day. June & July are the busiest months of the year in the workshop” said Al Ali in a final comment.
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