Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Monte Carlo Stars in Dubai Marina reports huge bookings for World Cup Brazil-Germany and Netherlands-Argentina semifinals

 Monte Carlo Stars in Dubai Marina reports huge bookings for World Cup Brazil-Germany and Netherlands-Argentina semifinals

Regular fans wait with bated breath for the European-South American contest

Dubai, UAE, 8th July 2014: Monte Carlo Stars, a top destination that is offering the World Cup matches at the largest terrace overlooking Dubai Marina, has reported huge bookings for the two semifinals between Brazil vs Germany on Tuesday and Netherlands vs Argentina on Wednesday.

Ibrahim Al Sheikh, General Manager, Monte Carlo Stars Dubai, said: “The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil matches were full of action since the start of the tournament last month. Fans representing the different cultures living in the UAE turned up in large number to watch the games. The two semifinals are both contests between European and South American soccer giants and our patrons are fully geared to enjoy the two matches that promise to take football action to new heights.”

“A European team has never won the World Cup played in the Americas and German fans are looking forward to witness this record being broken this year, while the Netherlands appear to be equally confident to trouncing Argentina,” says xxx, yyyy, a daily visitor at Monte Carlo Stars since the start of the tournament.

Describing Monte Carlo Stars as the destination with the most spectacular views of the Dubai Marina and bosting the largest marina terrace area, Al Sheikh says fans are worried that Brazil won’t make it without their star Neymar who was injured in the last match, while others feel they will win as they are playing in their homeland!

Al Sheikh added that World Cup was a great experience for Monte Carlo Stars employees as even they have joined in supporting their favourite teams and arguing on their chances. Monte Carlo Stars has created a great ambience for visitors who are coming here for Iftars and Suhoors as well as to watch the World Cup matches.

Argentina has reached its first World Cup semifinal in 24 years. Lionel Messi is hailed as the Diego Maradona of 2014, who can play a key role in their fight against Holland and take them to the finals.

Al Sheikh feels The Netherlands, who also made it to the final in the last World Cup, are a great candidate. We at Monte Carlo Stars were amazed with the rapidly growing fan base of The Netherlands team. You find fans analyzing their way of playing with great admiration, he added.

Monte Carlo Stars have offered fans a combination of soccer action and competing nations’ cuisine, which added to the World Cup excitement throughout the Cup matches.

Al Sheikh said that blending football with food was highly successful during the four-week feast of football and Monte Carlo Stars will continue to provide a welcoming atmosphere to visitors watching sports or coming to enjoy Dubai Marina ambience.”

Al Sheikh concluded: “We have offered an ambience that was very similar to watching the matches from the heart of the stadiums in Brazilian cities.”

19 individual TV screens, two large screen projectors and a giant TV screen are sure to offer a rush of adrenaline to World Cup fans.

Al Sheikh added that the adrenaline rush is high for the semi finals and final matches. He said: “All the matches will climax with the finals July 13 to crown the world champion. Now it is the Americas against the Europeans in the semi finals and we don’t know how it will look like during the finals after one week from now.”


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