Saturday, April 12, 2014

Successful soft opening of Monte Carlo Stars adds another novel themed restaurant to Dubai’s diverse dining landscape

Successful soft opening of Monte Carlo Stars adds another novel themed restaurant to Dubai’s diverse dining landscape

New “eater-tainment” restaurant offers unique family dining experiences and offers biggest terrace in Located in Dubai Marina

Dubai, UAE, 12 April 2014, Monte Carlo Stars, a unique and innovative dining destination in Dubai Marina, recently had its soft opening, with positive response from a discerning clientele.

“The opening of yet another high profile, novel themed restaurant with unique elements and on the forefront of the budding ‘Eatertainment’ trend, is set to enrich Dubai’s diverse dining landscape,” says Ibrahim Sheikh, General Manager, Monte Carlo Stars. “On the heels of the city winning the bid to host the Expo 2020, Dubai is poised to experience an influx of original and inventive restaurant concepts, as more than 20 new attractions are estimated to be added to the emirates dining scene in 2014.” 

The ‘Eatertainment’ trend began to generate buzz in 2013 both locally and globally; and in the recently released annual report from Baum and Whiteman, an international restaurant consulting firm, ‘Eatertainment’ was predicted to be one of the hottest trends for 2014 and was defined as “I lost my dinner at the funhouse”. ‘Eatertainment’ targets consumers who want to spoil themselves through memorable experience that focus on the emotional needs of individuals.  The ‘Eatertainment’ trend seeks to enhance the dining experience by providing a heightened dining experience and entertainment and is predicted to redefine restaurant design in 2014 and beyond. 

“This is where Monte Carlo Stars fits in,” added Sheikh. “With an increasingly competitive market and savvy consumers, food is no longer enough.  We are investing in an entertainment-centric dining destination, to deliver an exceptional customer experience with an emphasis on fun and interaction.  Monte Carlo Stars is a pioneering and only attraction in the UAE that features individually controlled TVs in the booths, specialty sports channels, customized football dining tables, music and more, all under one roof”

He added: “Families are also a growing market segment in Dubai and we have incorporated their distinct needs in the design of Monte Carlo Stars.   With our custom family friendly design such as a supervised play area with ball pit and climbing wall, an arcade, and our Friday Family Fun Day Activities, children and families remain a major focus.”

With continued emphasis on ‘Eatertainment’ and creating an immersive and exciting dining experience, Monte Carlo Stars lineup promises a year full of activities and events. This will include specials like weekly Friday Family Fun Days including brunch, themed party and birthday party packages, open mic and quiz nights, featured sports games, community events.

Researchers at ‘Azti-Tecnalia’ a Spanish research and development center are even predicting that ‘Eatertainment’ will be a prominent trend through 2020.  With Dubai already known globally for its innovation in preparation for Expo 2020; If these predictions are correct, Monte Carlo Restaurant marks beginning in what is sure to become an increasingly popular and inspired trend over the next 7 years.

“Monte Carlo Stars is more than just a restaurant; it is a truly unique entertainment alternative for families and friends all ages. The menu includes a wide variety of Mediterranean and international dishes as well as steaks, and fresh seafood all delivered to customers with 5 star standards and competitive prices. ” added Sheikh.  

He concluded: “Monte Carlo Stars also features a glamorous state of the art retractable terrace with panoramic views of the Dubai Marina and the biggest in the area. There is also a hubbly bubbly zone and playing area.  Serving high-quality, affordable food in a casual and inviting atmosphere; Monte Carlo Stars provides every guest with an unforgettable and fun experience.”


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