Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friends and family gather together for the holiday season at Cipriani Yas Island


Friends and family gather together for the holiday season at Cipriani Yas Island
(19th November, 2014 – Dubai) The holiday season is full of cheer, gifts and dazzling lights all of which are incomplete without the core element of genuine hospitality. Cipriani Yas Island sets the scene for a timeless dining experience, complete with a special festive menu and warmth which extends far beyond the cuisine. Families dine easy this season with a tailored menu created just for children, inviting loved ones to gather together and feel at home at the Italian hotspot. Captivate your senses with a twinkling Christmas tree, the fragrance of a specially prepared four-course menu in the air and a live band setting the mood performing Holiday music and smooth Jazz.

Guests prepare for a culinary journey like no other starting with traditional appetizers including creamy Fresh Burrata in Foglia to rouse the appetite. Enticing festive themed favorites such as Baked Tagliolini with Smoked Turkey are offered as the middle course to continue this incredible dining experience. For the main event, indulge a juicy Angus Fillet served with mushroom sauce or delectable Pan Seared Monkfish served with a side of flavorful rice pilaf. The grand finale of the evening is reserved for the signature homemade desserts, including Ice cream with Nougat freshly whipped ‘A la Minute’ or original Arrigo Cipriani recipe of ‘Panettone’, served perfectly portioned -not to add guilt to a wonderfully seasoned night. Homemade holiday cookies are also served, wrapping up the magical evening with a touch of festive nostalgia.

With glass windows and wrap around terraces, Cipriani Yas Island overlooks the magnificent, docked yachts, making it the perfect place for guests to bid the year good bye. As the clock strikes midnight, raise a celebratory glass from your complimentary bottle of bubbly while delighting in traditional heart-warming Stewed Lentils for some Italian good luck. Diners and their loved ones are greeted warmly with festive decorations, welcome Bellinis and a palate-pleasing New Year’s menu including King Crab, Seared Tuna ‘Scottato’ with Braised Fennel and Salmon Tartare. As guests fill up with festive joy, they can indulge in hearty dishes such as Roast Baby Lamb with Artichokes ‘alla Romana’. The dining experience at the cosy restaurant is complete with a selection of mouth-watering desserts such as the classic Vanilla Meringue. Enhancing the night until the final countdown with festive tunes will be the all-star Lounge Hank featuring Kanji, the kanoun virtuoso; and Edd Win and Dia, two talented versatile singers

Experience the holiday season like never before with Italian restaurant Cipriani Yas Island for a celebration of culinary delights and magical moments. 
Festive Menu
Price: AED 350 per person
From December 1st to 23rd, corporate dinners will be available with a set menu
On December 25th and 26th, an A la carte or festive menu will be available

New Year’s Menu
Price: AED 1,200 per person
Available on New Year’s Eve
About Cipriani, Yas Island
Opened in November of 2010, Cipriani Yas Island is the brand’s first foray into the Middle East. Closing in November 2012 for the large scale refurbishment of Yas Island, it re-opened its doors to the public on October 15, 2013.

About Cipriani
Cipriani was established in 1931 in Venice, Italy by Giuseppe Cipriani by opening the legendary Harry’s Bar which catered to illustrious clientele for over four decades with the likes of Ernest Hemingway. It was recognized in 2001 by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Arts as a cultural landmark and was the birthplace of the famous Carpaccio and popular elite cocktail the ‘Bellini’. Today it has presence in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Operating in 11 cities; Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, Porto Cervo, Venice, Bodrum, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, and a  new project is under way in Mexico City.


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